Boris Lichtman and The Odessa Quartet,  at the Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall, February 28th, 2010.

Watch the video from that performance here.

MMX© Boris Lichtman

Designed to bedazzle!

Born in Berlin, in the heart of Europe the Odessa Quartet and its charismatic leader Mr Boris Lichtman is the closest thing to the energy, the joy and the fire of the musical culture from the shores of the Black Sea. The culture which these musicians did not have to study - they were born there! Bringing you the exquisite mix of Russian, Moldavian, Gypsy and Klezmer delights in one explosive package, Odessa is a much anticipated musical bridge between the “serious” and “not so serious” genre of performing arts, purposefully designed to be enjoed  in the academic setting of a concert hall. No strangers to the famous classical venues of Germany, Austria, Italy and other European countries each member of the group is a soloist in his or her own right. But together they bring to you the synergy of robust musical training toped up with the enthusiasm of unconditional joy of musicianship. Just the way life is supposed to be or as they say down there…ja ka scha!!!

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